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To feel or not to feel.

What happens if we do not experience our emotions?

We first feel the emotion arise. We silence the feeling and continue on as if we are ok. Pushing it down into our body. Holding it in our chest. A tightening is our stomach. This emotion now building and growing in our body; burning to be released causing pain. This action creates physical sensations in our body. For example chest pain, stomach aches, joint issues, etc. The emotional pain has manifested into physical pain. We then begin to cope with the pain as if that is just a part of life, a part of who we are.

Why is it important to feel our emotions?

If we acknowledge our emotions as they arise in our body, then we allow this natural flow of energy through our body. Once we acknowledge then we experience the emotion in a physical sense. For instance, pain in our chest or heart area, a belly ache or tears that slip from our eyes as we feel sadness. As we feel this emotion move through our body, we allow ourselves to understand our bodies reaction to the emotion. We understand what created the emotion. We slowly begin to release this emotion in a healthy manner. The emotion is validated. If we feel the emotion again then we now know how to acknowledge it and let it go.

Just as tears release from our eyes when we are sad, other emotions we feel need to be released as well. Don't run from the way you feel. Embrace it.

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