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Fear vs. Love

I've been addressing a lot of fear based behavior lately. It's amazing how much surfaces when you become aware of your behaviors. Anger is pent up fear. Sadness is unspoken fear. Before I know it I'm driven by fear and not living in my faith with a true intentional loving behavior. I'm learning to not be disappointed in myself about these actions... it is my ego protecting me. But through all the discomfort and waiting patiently for the lesson to surface I understand why my ego is protecting me. Why I first choose to act with fear and not from love. I've learned that I choose fear based behaviors because it may alter the outcome I want to have. Instead of love that simply allows the outcome thats intended all along. I've learned deep rooted issues have caused this fear and as I work to release what no longer resonates with me I can breathe easier and allow what's to come to flow evenly through me and around me. I'm learning that my fear of having to be perfect to please others is total bullshit. We are all humans living in a world where we get to make choices that effect our lives. Perfection does not exist and that just as I love others as they are they love me as I am. That love is free, messy, beautiful and complicated. But it is always giving with no boundaries. To break free of the chains of fear and love with every breath I am given.

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