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The journey to within

If you chose to step on your healing journey then first stop...take this next moment to honor yourself. Be proud of yourself. You chose the dark overgrown path.

The next step of the journey is knowing you will trench into unknown territory. Parts of you that have never been exposed. Aspects about yourself that you aren't sure how to honor or act on. Emotions that are uncontrollable and you wished they never surfaced. The young child in you that needs comfort and loved. Beautiful discoveries that empower you to walk deeper.

The hardest factor to grasp on your journey is time. It takes time to honor who you want to become. Your daily schedule changes. Daily routines change. You may feel guilty for that change and live in what was. Instead, take the time to be present in your very exact moment. Honoring the progress, who you are and what you want to come next. Our daily routines bring comfort. They make us feel content. We know this path. So we fight to stay in that comfortable mindset. Months may go by and you feel trapped. Ask yourself if you are trapped in the past, not tuning into your inner voice telling you what you want, or if there is more to heal at a deeper level. You can't rush your healing. It happens at it's own time and when you are ready to receive the message.

Grant yourself time to heal. Give yourself grace; you are walking into places you have never been before. Find strength to not give up and to go deeper! Your soul appreciates you. Your inner child loves you for it.

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