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Love ALL of you.

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Hey peeps!

A big part of loving life and living at your fullest potential starts by loving yourself. Deeper than loving the material things in your life. Loving your mind. Your soul and your physical body.

It's a lot when you actually break it down. Loving every part of what makes you, YOU. Our minds are complicated. How do we learn about our souls? And our bodies...they are complicated within themselves.

Taking time to love our body is overwhelming but beneficial. Sit with the parts we don't like. Why don't we like those parts? Were we made fun of as a kid? Do we fluctuate weight frequently? Why do we fluctuate like that? Do we have ugly scars or stretch marks that we deem embarrassing? Were we in a relationship that shamed our bodies? I know I can raise my hand for all the above.

It's so easy to talk negative about our bodies. The importance is finding the why and healing each factor one at a time. Learning to love the one body we are given again. Treating it like a temple. Noticing that shifting our thoughts about our bodies...shifts our minds to a more gentle loving state. Loving ourselves deeper. To that soul level.

Get busy loving you so you can go out and fully love life.

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