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Getcha heal on.

"Healing" has become a more mainstream thought within the last year or so than ever before. Which is beautiful to see, actually. Healing is very important to each individual who wants to live at their highest potential.

I'd like to make one point though, healing isn't easy. it is NOT easy. Healing is tough, scary at times, painful in moments; it is ruthless but also rewarding. In a big way! Healing is not saying I had a rough childhood and then carrying on like you're fine. It involves sitting through the feelings and the "whys" of that thought about childhood (or fill in the blank). Understanding it. Naturally releasing it. Letting go. Looking back at the thought without judgement or hate.

I started my healing journey well over a year ago. But I got serious about it in January 2019 when I decided I wanted to talk to a therapist and then also a reiki healer. That year was all about healing for me. I'm still not done. Little things arise that trigger me but I can sit with it and slowly release it. Becoming a better version of myself than I was the day before.

We all have a choice to heal. To learn about ourselves and in return love with a pure heart. With wholehearted intentions. To help others heal.

It just starts with saying "I'm ready to heal."

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