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Celebrate the li(big)tle victories.

We always talk about how to heal; ways to heal, how healing from past trauma allows us to be our best self, etc. But what we should also talk about is the little victories we have when we consciously know we operate from a healed mind! Healing isn't a race. You aren't waiting to cross a finish line to be completely healed. Once we take ourselves out of the race, we understand healing has already happened. We are where we need to be and should be in life. Consciously living in the present moment; not the past traumas.

That's when we get to celebrate our victories daily. 💫When we see how we handled a situation differently then we did in the past. With grace. 💫When we can acknowledge our mental shift to a more positive mindset. 💫 When obstacles of the past don't effect us the same way they did before.

Please share any moments or experiences of living in the moment, consciously knowing you healed a part of you!

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