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7 Week Chakra Cleanse & Balance

Complimentary phone chat upon booking to ensure best option for client

  • 1 hour
  • Check for pricing
  • in person or over the phone

Service Description

Every path we take in life creates our story. Triumphs. Traumas. Sometimes we come to a boulder we can’t get over or a bog we can’t escape. When we can’t shed negative experiences and toxic emotions, they can change our true nature. Painful relationships, childhood trauma, difficult breakups, or career breakdowns can make us feel less than ourselves. If you are feeling stuck, lost, unmotivated, in physical pain, or drained, mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually, it’s time to get help in moving on in your journey. Seven weekly one-hour sessions will restore you to a place of inner peace and happiness. Sessions will cleanse and balance through reiki, chakra release, and intuitive reading and discussion. You will receive instruction on how to unblock chakras and other tasks to complete between sessions. Intuitive reading may use tarot cards if requested. For those unfamiliar with reiki, this is a healing meditation experience using energy work. Like a spa session for your inner self, this relaxing experience may help you sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, and feel and understand at a deeper, more intimate level. Sessions are available virtually or in-person. Schedule a time to begin your healing and re-start your journey by commenting or sending a private message to learn more about pricing and scheduling. You may also click the "book now" option listed below to get started!

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