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Nikki Chapman

Yoga & Holistic Healing


Hey everyone!! Thank you for taking on this yoga journey with me. Everyday is a practice to becoming more in tune with our body, finding peace in our mind and falling in love with our souls.  I hope we can share that journey together on the mat. 

Yoga for me started very absent minded. I wanted to try something new but little did I know how important breath work is during yoga (I almost passed out my first yoga class ever in down dog). It took a while to catch on but eventually I started to find my way. I found yoga was helping me see my body in a whole different light. I began being more kind to the body that was given to me. The deeper into my practice I get, I find the ways to calm my mind and even more so, connect it to my body. I am learning to love me all over again. To find my soul connection. It takes a journey, one that i will forever walk. I hope as your yoga instructor, I can help you find this journey as well. 

My healing journey began a few years ago when i felt i had allowed to much of my pain to control my happiness. I started with a therapist and a reiki healer. Both were very beneficial to my healing journey and where I am now. Still growing, still healing and always learning. I wanted to bring the same experience to others who were ready for a change and to meet themselves at a deeper level. I became Reiki I & II certified early 2020 and continuing to grow each day.

I have 4 amazing pets!! Gemma and Jax; my two cats. Hank and Luna; my sweet; wild dogs. The dogs and I enjoy hiking when the weather allows or when its snowing; doesn't matter to us. I have a niece and nephew that keep me busy as well. I love to travel whenever I get the chance. The world is too big to not explore!


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1555 5th St., Lincoln, IL 62656 \\ Tel: 217-671-1370


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